Keziah Gibbons

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The vision: a place for women to come, talk openly, ask for support and share tools. The intention of the group is just that - to provide a safe space and supportive community.


The one basic rule is respect for each other, which may manifest in the following ways:


We respect each other's life experience and wisdom, and are grateful to one another for being open and sharing. We don't judge each other, for we recognise that we are all doing our best, that none of us have all the answers, and that we can never know how we might behave in the other's shoes. We are honest with ourselves and with each other. We see each other, as full and complete human beings, and we recognise each other as living souls, and not by use of labels. We are caring and supportive and our words reflect this. We listen to one another and reflect love and compassion, to the best of our abilities.


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Women's Wellbeing Community WWC live videos

Monthly Video Webinars


Free, monthly, themed live talks with Q&A and guided practice, and special guest slots.


Themes so far have included:

Loving Kindness 



Intentional Narratives

The Power of a Storyboard

Creating a Story for Your Future