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Trust Your Gut and Master the Skills of Intuition - an Insight Timer course


Insight Timer is one of my favourite apps. Their mission is to make meditation available to everyone, for free, and I am proud to be one of the meditation teachers working with the Insight Timer team to help that happen. I also enjoy the app myself in my own personal practice, and recommend it to everyone.


So I was pleased and excited to be asked to create a ten-day course on intuition for Insight Timer. Trust Your Gut is the result of that: an accessibly-priced, deceptively simple, practical journey through intuition over the course of ten sessions, easily listenable through the app.


Create a dynamic, vibrant relationship with your own intuition and embrace a deep understanding of what intuition really is.


Join the course on Insight Timer:

* Subscription model

* Access to hundreds of other courses and premium meditations

* Classroom support


Download directly from me:

* One-off payment of €19.99

* All lessons and guided practices to download or stream

* Audio only

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