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The Hermit's Journey: When the Transformation Happens Within

part of the VI International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy


Friday, 26th March 2-5:45pm GMT


Using neuro-linguistic, energetic, meditative and unconscious techniques, in this experiential workshop you can expect to connect with the archetype contained in the Tarot card of The Hermit.


Narrative arcs, life journeys, are often about going off to seek our fortunes. In the classic Hero’s Journey, the Hero leaves their village, quests until finding a gift, and then brings that gift back and shares it with the community.


But what if the Hero was a Hermit? What if they chose, instead of questing outwards, to seclude themselves in the wilderness, and that was the journey? What gifts might come then? What other ways are there to share that gift? And what if there is more than one key journey, a new quest, an inner quest as we develop through the stages of life?


Together we will quest inwards to meet the Hermit and experience their gifts by learning to appreciate the stillness, the peace, and the difference between lonely and alone.


with Dr Jan Russell


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