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Spring Magic: cleansing and manifesting


Join us for one day of magic in this unique workshop of renewal and rejuvenation. Shed the old and that which no longer serves, cleanse your energy and your psyche, and prepare to manifest the life you want.


Begin the day with a powerful intention-setting meditation to connect with your purpose for the coming season.


At this time of year in the Celtic calendar the Cailleach, or Hag of Winter, hands her power to Briga, the carrier of the new and fresh energy of the Spring.


Held safely by the sage and gentle guidance of Keziah, participate in a cleansing ritual to honour and call upon these energies, and together with the energies of the sacred directions and your own guides, create a space for transformation.


Once this preparation is complete, join Karuna and her tarot wisdom to explore the Spirits of the Circle spread, for help in determining the influences that are affecting your life and to explore your sense of identity, in search of the answer to the perennial question "Who AM I?"


The spread is a base from which to explore the six influences on your life: Spirit of Ancestors, Spirits of the Tribe, Spirits of Place, Spirit of Time, Spirit of the Journey, Spirit of Great Spirit.


In the evening, we work with the powerful energy of fire to call in and manifest our intentions through means of creativity.


Investment: €45 (early bird, before 19th January)

€55 (last minute)

One bursary place is available for someone who is genuinely without means.


Your facilitators:


Keziah Gibbons is known for being a professional with compassion and integrity as well as possessing a deep understanding of integrated body-mind circuitry underpinned by specialist training in energy medicine, neurolinguistic communication and mindfulness. Animated by her soulful intent and gentle wisdom, Keziah helps people to reconnect with their purpose and mission in life from the inside out and has guided over 34,000 people in healing and meditation worldwide.


Karuna is the force behind Into the Wild, an outdoor leadership training course with an international following, and is an experienced practitioner of energy medicine, psychic arts and tarot work.

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