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Reiki and Reiki Drum Healing


Reiki is a gentle, relaxing, hands-on healing technique, good for strengthening the body, mind, and spirit to deal with whatever challenges you may be facing.


Perfect for:

Letting go of stress

Energetic balance




Equilibrium (4 sessions) €185

Vital Boost (10 sessions) €435


The Reiki Drum Technique utilises the gentle power of Reiki energy and the special qualities of the drum's vibration to create dynamic yet gentle healing.


Perfect for:

Releasing unhelpful emotions

Inviting new energies into your life




Rejuvenation (4 sessions) €185

Manifestation (10 sessions) €435


In a Mental-Emotional Reprogramming session, you are supported to create an appropriate affirmation, which, together with the Reiki and the drumbeat, puts you back in control of your mental and emotional state.


Perfect for:

Replacing worrisome thought patterns

Building confidence



Relief (4 sessions) €185

Transformation (10 sessions) €435

A Reiki Drum Journey is a profound experience. The repetitive drumbeat shapes your brainwaves to facilitate a state of deep trance, from which it's possible to access non-ordinary reality.


Perfect for:

Very deep healing

Seeking guidance

Spiritual work



Discovery (4 sessions) €295

Medicine (10 sessions) €685

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You can also learn Reiki with me.


Courses currently on offer:


Reiki I: self healing

Reiki II: practitioner

Reiki Master/Teacher


Workshops currently on offer:


Living the Reiki Precepts

Reiki Drum Workshop

Special Offer: 50% off on Rejuvenation, Relief and Discovery packages, limited number, first come first served.