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This 20 week online course is designed to give delegates a solid foundation in NLP, with the ethos of principled self-application as well as NLP as an approach to use with other people. In our experience this matches the values of both personal and professional development, resulting in quick changes which impact performance, and slower-burning changes which influence progression.


We believe that personalised attention is important, which is why we've designed our small group Practitioner by online mentoring. You'll be part of a group of maximum six participants, and encouraged to apply your learning in a way that makes sense for you, be that in your professional or personal life (spoiler: most people end up using it in both!)


Your time commitment is 2.5 hours a week face to face, with up to another hour a week in homework. Often this is applied practice so that you can start to use your NLP immediately in your day to day interactions and with yourself.


Assessment is made by a presentation at the end of the course, in which you'll demonstrate what you've learned and how you are using it.


This course is certified by the ANLP.


We'll cover:


What is NLP?


Presuppositions of NLP and their power in your life and work


Rapport with oomph: creating impact


The how of thinking: representational systems


Well Formed Outcomes: knowing what you want and supporting clients to know what they want


Effect of representational systems on state and behaviour


Flexibility: widening our choice of representation


Sub-modalities: an introduction


The Art of Calibration


How to choose the state you want


Creating our own experience: Frames and Reframing


Perceptual Positions


Levels of Change: Dilts’ neurological levels


Using sub-modalities for change


Simple mapping across


Choose the beliefs that serve you well: introduction to belief change


Logical levels of change


Meta Model: the first model of NLP


Milton Model: the secret to transformational change through rapport


NLP Applications: techniques for quick change


Story telling: creating well formed metaphors and personal narratives


Ethical, Dynamic Tuition


Dr Jan Russell Dexter has been teaching NLP for over two decades and is accredited as a trainer by both the ANLP and ITANLP. Jan has developed her own feel for how to build and integrate NLP as a set of principles, and heads up the creation of ethical and applied NLP training in the Lincolnshire region of the UK and the Algarve in Portugal.


Keziah Gibbons is a fully qualified NLP Trainer (ANLP) and an internationally-recognised meditation teacher. She is known for her gentle wisdom and soulful intent, underpinned by specialist training in energy medicine, neurolinguistic communication and mindfulness. She has created neuro-linguistically structured models on Pain Management and Storytelling and is interested in creative applications of neuro-linguistic techniques towards learning, engagement and resilience.


Because of our small group approach and excellent value, our courses typically sell out quite quickly. Our next Practitioner course starts in September 2020 - email us to find out more and sign up.


Call Jan on (+44) (0)7892 902354

Call Keziah on (+351) 927329263


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"NLP is in nature a fascinating subject and whilst I had covered some elements whilst training in clinical hypnotherapy, I was keen to know the approach in more detail.  Little did I know when signing up for this course, that as a result, I would not only enhance my professional life , but would also gain so much insight on a personal level.


Natural communicators, Jan and Keziah deliver the course material with great skill.  The sessions are carefully constructed to expand and build on the knowledge gained each week.  When called for, further explanations are diligently supplied.


I cannot recommend this course highly enough - the sessions are stimulating, informative and great fun!" - 2020 course graduate