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Track Licensing


Are you interested in using some of my meditations for your platform? You can contact me on [email protected] to license existing tracks or discuss bespoke meditation creation.


If you're not familiar with my work, or would like to be more familiar, please check out my portfolio on the links below:


Women's Wellbeing Meditations

Female Body Scan

Female Hormone Balancer


Meditations for Emotional Moments

SOS for Moments of Overwhelm

Reclaiming Your Energy from Worry


Spiritual Meditations

Meditation with the Ancestors

Solstice Meditation



Body Love Meditation

Restful Body Scan


Healing Meditations

After Surgery

Healing Abdominal Issues


Reiki Meditations

Forgiving Someone Using Reiki

Sending Reiki to a Worry

Sending Reiki to Your Day


Mindfulness Meditations

Being in this Moment

Chocolate Meditation

Looking at camera small pixels