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2020 Tarot Vision is an intensive, year-long event for those who are ready to commit to themselves and to transforming every area of their life through Tarot.


If this is you, read on...


2020 Tarot Vision: The World


The World is the complete package: everything you need to dedicate your 2020 to yourself and your relationship with the cards.


* Weekly recorded online meets


* New Tarot resources & fun and insightful exercises every week


* Online reading every month


* 7 days' Tarot immersion week in the Algarve, Autumn Equinox 2020


2020 Tarot Vision: The Empress


It is the Empress who blesses and holds the space for us so that we can really explore in our Tarot immersion week.


* Beautiful villa with pool in the Algarve


* 7 full day workshops: Archetypal and Elemental energies, card manifestation, Life Pattern Realignment and more


* Morning yoga and meditation


* In-house food cooked to our requirements


2020 Tarot Vision: The Magician


The Magician has all the resources they need and you can be The Magician.


* Weekly tailored webinars


* Weekly Tarot resources - there will be meditations, fun and insightful exercises, new spreads


* Monthly online personal Tarot reading


* An online closed forum where you can share with other Magicians


WARNING: This is a transformative process. Do not sign up if you're not willing to release what no longer serves you; to listen to your own truths; to acknowledge your darkness and to shine your infinite light; to live by your values and to open to your own true purpose.




The webinars will take place on Tuesdays at 7pm Lisbon time starting on the 7th January and recordings will be available to all participants.


Tarot resources will be released along with the recording later that day.


The dates for the tarot immersion week are 19th-26th September 2020 and the nearest airport is Faro.


Because of the developmental nature of these programmes, they are suitable for beginners and experienced readers alike.


Sign Up


Spaces are limited to ten people on each event, so if you would like to participate reserve your place with a deposit now.


The value:


The World: £2379 or £199/month

Empress Only: £1979 or £165/month

Magician Only: £588 or £49/month


One bursary place is available on each programme for someone on a very low income

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